Race Management


“Prepare to succeed” - Delivering Great Sport


With the increasing demands of participants, the media and with competition from each other the bigger sailing classes are looking to improve the experience for all at their international events.


With participants being faced with ever higher costs of moving their equipment and crews around the World the organising classes are under great pressure to provide events that do not disappoint. While the local organisers of such events bring their own ‘flavour’ to the on-shore hospitality it is ‘on the water’ where discipline and experience are required. The sailing is after all, ‘The point’.


Professional Race Management brings consistency to Class events. It is the understanding of the fleet which leads to races being run with the focus on the participants and a great sporting experience – which improves the reputation of the class and strengthens participation.


Focus on the Sport
With the hosts able to focus on the on-shore activities and a professional Race Manager ensuring that the ‘on-water’ event runs as it should, participants can focus on their sport rather than on the mistakes and inconsistent judgement of a local ‘one-off’ race manager. It is a tall order to ask someone to do something new, once, and expect them to deliver it to a high standard of quality at the same time as satisfying everyone’s un-articulated expectations. Professional Race Management for a Class is a weight off many people’s shoulders.


International Classes live and die by the reputations of their large events. Competitors are spending too much time and money to be disappointed at the quality of the sporting experience. Classes that have adopted Professional Race Management have benefitted from increased participation, longer ‘life-spans’ and increased participation by the media and sponsors.

Next step

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Photo Per Heegaard, X-Yacht Gold Cup 2008, Hellerup

Race management: Jan Schlüter
































Photo Dan Ljungsvig, RC44 event 2011, Marstrand

Assistent Race Officer: Jan Schlüter

Photo Dan Ljungsvig, Stena Match Cup Sweden 2011, Marstrand

Race Management: Jan Schlüter